GSK develops a treatment for COVID-19 that plans in Mexico for May

Sigfrido Rangel, Medical Director at GSK Mexico, explains that the VIR-7831 treatment has a mechanism of action that allows it to stick to the patient’s lung cells and prevents the COVID-19 virus from entering the cell and kills the virus in those that have already been contaminated, thus reducing the need for hospitalization and death among the sick.

This treatment is developed at the same time that Mexico began the immunization strategy of the Ministry of Health, which in a first stage directed the application of the vaccine against COVID-19 to adults over 60 years of age because they are a population at risk.

However, the specialist states that it is important to have a therapeutic spectrum for the disease, since preventing infections with the vaccine is not enough, while effective treatments will prevent patients from evolving to severe and advanced forms of the disease .

“Although (vaccines) have high rates of effectiveness, that is not going to prevent patients from continuing to get sick and from high-risk patients, those with chronic diseases, from continuing to develop complications and die from the infection. It is very important, not only to develop vaccines to prevent, but new effective treatments to treat the sick, “he says.

Emergency approval

This treatment is in Phase 3, which is the final part of its evaluation and if the companies demonstrate its efficacy and safety, the companies would request permission for emergency use from the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) towards end of March and would be available in May.

To prove that VIR-7831 prevents patients from progressing to the most advanced forms including mortality, it would give a relief to the hospital occupation since it is a single intravenous application and its infusion lasts 90 minutes, therefore, patients could recover at home.