Grupo Restalia launches a super package of pre-vaccination aid to support its franchisees

Given the approval by the central government and the Autonomous Communities of new restrictions that limit capacity and consumption hours through curfew, and that seriously affect the restaurant sector, Restalia Group (100 Montaditos, TGB_ The Good Burger, Cervecería La Sureña, Pepe Taco and Panther Juice & Sandwich Market) returns to position yourself alongside your franchisees throwing the greater pre-vaccine aid plan, extraordinary and unique in the catering sector.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has made a great effort to support its franchisees with various aids that will mitigate the situation that the hospitality industry is experiencing worldwide. In the word of the founder and president of the company, José María Fernández-Captain, “Grupo Restalia, thanks to everyone’s union in maintaining our businesses, the unity of the brands and our customer support, continues to be a solid company, with a large volume and great negotiation capacity, and that strength and volume will allow our franchisees have the possibility to leave before this crisis situation”.

And he adds: “The latest news about the Covid-19 vaccine leads us to be optimistic and to see recovery closer and closer. Without a doubt now is the time to put up with and support our franchisees. Grupo Restalia, which is present in 13 countries, already overcame another major economic crisis in 2008, and we will do it again”.

Grupo Restalia has also announced a series of pre-vaccination measures for all its franchisees and other additional ones for those premises that are forced to close by legal imperative.

General aid plan for all your franchisees

East new plan will be launched from December 1 to February 28, 2021, coinciding with the launch of the vaccine and includes discounts and assistance in the company’s strategic products, both in food and drink; improvements in the form of payment to suppliers in order to have more liquidity; personalized management as well as advice on loan processing and continuous support from the Restalia Support and Support Department (SAR) to inform and help in the measures to be taken at all times. This department is available to franchisees 7 days a week.

Terrace aid plan

With the aim of taking advantage of the maximum possible capacity on the terraces and to boost consumption outside the premises, the Terrazas Plan has been launched. Pioneer in the sector, The Terrazas Plan consists of a battery of measures to adapt the outdoor spaces and be able to make the most of them, given the restrictions implemented and taking into account the meteorological conditions of autumn and winter. For this reason, the company has reached an agreement to make the purchase of the stoves accessible and Restalia will contribute 50% of the price of the same, as well as the contribution, by the company, of the fuel necessary to condition those spaces .

Aid plan for closed premises or with capacity restrictions and with delivery sales

Restalia has also designed a package of aid for those premises that are, by government measure, closed to the public or with capacity restrictions, but which they can maintain and where appropriate, enhance the delivery service. This additional sales channel is a great help at a time like this, where customers want to continue enjoying their favorite dishes at home.

This package includes different support measures such as a specific advertising and communication plan in the various delivery platforms to alleviate the effect of time and capacity restrictions that currently affect them and a plan of aid in the company’s strategic products.

Specific aid plan for closed premises by order of the CCAA

In order to assist in the repair to all those premises located in the Autonomous Communities in which the hotel industry has been closed Restalia will implement a specific and additional aid plan with the aim of helping its franchisees at the time of the reopening of the premises that are have been forced to close by legal imperative.

These premises will enjoy at the time of reopening the general aid of the rest of the premises, in addition to better payment conditions with essential vendors for the reopening month, with the objective that it can be reopened with the least possible disbursement, allowing to obtain an imminent liquidity that allows the continuation of the activity.

Grupo Restalia, leading the support to the hospitality sector

Grupo Restalia was already a pioneer in applying the first package of support measures after the State of Alarm was decreed in March, and it became the only company in the hospitality sector that offered such a comprehensive aid package to your franchisees nationwide. In addition, it launched a second national aid package in August, as restrictive measures were being applied due to the second wave of the pandemic.

With the third aid package, the terraces plan, the delivery plan and the specific plan for those premises that have been forced to close due to restrictions by the autonomous communities, Restalia is once again positioned next to its franchisees, leading the support of the hospitality sector .

“At this time, our brands are, more than ever, a refuge for our customers and we must continue to be by their side, with our offer of prices and promotions and we must continue to maintain our united message towards them, with the common goal of being the first to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever “ Fernández-Captain affirms.