Grupo Insur will hold its General Shareholders’ Meeting in which a paid-up capital increase will be submitted for approval

Grupo Insur held next Friday April 9 online its General Shareholders’ Meeting, which provides for the modification of the Company Bylaws and the Regulations of the Board of Directors by virtue of the provisions of article 528 of the Capital Companies Act, as well as the modification of the regulations of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Among other priority aspects and in addition to approving and examining the annual accounts; the management of the Board of Directors; the application of results, the distribution of a dividend charged to freely available reserves, the General Meeting of Shareholders of Grupo Insur will propose a increase in capital charged to the voluntary reserves account through the issue of 1,697,184 new ordinary shares with a par value of two euros each, without issue premium.

The General Meeting of Shareholders of Grupo Insur will be broadcast live through the Group’s website and the shareholder who wishes to attend telematically must send an email to the address, attaching the duly signed attendance card no later than at 6.30 p.m. on April 7, 2021.