Grupo Hotelero Santa Fé recorded a loss of 475 million pesos in 2020

Santa Fé Hotel Group reported that last year it registered a net loss of 475 million 611 thousand pesos, due to the coronavirus pandemic, contrary to what happened in 2019 when it showed a profit of 164 million pesos.

Regarding your total income, the company indicated in 2020 they were 1,070 million pesos, with which it had an annual decrease of 52.2 percent.

« From a financial point of view, we have implemented various initiatives to preserve our working capital and reduce our operating expenses, » said the executive vice president of the company, Francisco Zinzer.

He noted that they will continue to focus on behaving wisely in the unprecedented environment caused by the pandemic, such as monitoring the full implementation of safety and hygiene measures against COVID-19 in their properties, maintaining control of expenses in favor of the presentation of liquidity levels, and continuing the search for operational opportunities.

Regarding its total revenues in the fourth quarter of 2020, they were 288 million 926 thousand pesos, which meant a 48.9 percent drop.

Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe has 24 properties in the country, among which are Hilton Guadalajara, Krystal Urban Monterrey, Ibis Irapuato and Krystal Resort Cancun.