Firm Group Ready to Perform at Staples Center, Date Confirmed | INSTAGRAM

The musical group originally from Tijuana, will perform for the first time in the historic US venue.

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It is well known that there are really few bands and singers within the Mexican region who can claim to have performed at the « Staples Center » in the United States, because in a few months this privileged list will be joined by Grupo Firme.

Eduin Caz, singer and leader of the Tijuana group, announced through a video posted on his Instagram stories that next year they will have a live presentation at the historic California venue.

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Said video was recorded from the outskirts of the enclosure in the city of Los Angeles, in California, United States.

The great event is scheduled to be held on Friday, March 26, 2021, the Firm Group will perform in front of its Los Angeles audience, it was in this way that the leader of the musical group mentioned his euphoria on his official Instagram account.

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“Everyone asks me what, because that smile is that they don’t know my joy. If they know what the Staples Center means? It is the biggest event you can do in Los Angeles, there is no bigger event you can do in Los Angeles and Grupo Firme is going to do it, « said the singer.

In the same way, through the official Grupo Firme account, multiple videos were published announcing this important event for the Mexican group, who will play there for the first time.

Likewise, it is known that the prices of tickets for such an important event for Mexican musicians, range from $ 89 to $ 5,000 and you can purchase them on the venue’s website, or on its website.

The much-mentioned musicians will join the exclusive list of great and famous Mexican groups, as well as soloists and singers of the genre, such as the renowned Banda MS, the emblematic Pancho Barraza, Señorón Pepe Aguilar, the “Diva de la Banda” Jenni Rivera, among a few others, who managed to perform at the Staples Center.