Gruesome video shows sheriff electrocuting migrant boy who didn’t want to go to school

They electrocuted a migrant child.

Photo: Bexar County / Courtesy

An outrageous video shows the violence and deprivation with which many migrants live inside the shelters.

Reveal published this Tuesday the video of a body camera of a policeman who went to a shelter in the Bexar County in Texas.

County Sheriff Patrick Divers arrived at the location of the report. A 16-year-old teenager did not want to go to class that day. The officers reported to their superior that the Hispanic was “Super aggressive” and had destroyed some things. They also told him that he had anger problems.

As seen in the video, Divers didn’t ask many questions and reached out to the boy who was sitting in the bathroom, yelling things in Spanish to the shelter staff.

“If you are going to take me, let them take me”, he screamed over and over again as seen in the video.

Ricardo Cisneros, the acting director of the Southwest Key Casa Blanca shelter in San Antonio repeatedly promises the boy that the police will not touch him or take him anywhere. He assures you that they just want him out. The young man stands still without attacking anyone.

The sheriff did not ask for evidence of the young man’s alleged misbehavior. He only asked the employees if they wanted to press charges. Cisneros said yes and then Divers revealed that he would only wait for his partner to take care of the matter.

The boy asked several times what they planned to do with him.

The boy is a refugee who came to the United States without his parents. He is in the custody of the Refugee Office. In 2020 he escaped from a gang that threatened him with death in Honduras.

By May of that year, he had toured shelters in California, Virginia, and Texas. Only a week had passed in the place where the assault took place, where like many teenagers in the United States, he did not want to go to school that day.

After waiting seven minutes, Officer Harold Schneider arrived at the scene.

“Clever? I’m going to electrocute this kid, ”Divers is heard saying in English.

The officer was told on several occasions that the teenager understood little English. Also, as can be seen in the video, Divers never warned him in his language that he was arrested.

As can be seen in the video, the young man never resisted, while the sheriff carried out the electric shock for more than 35 seconds. Obviously it left him immobile and bleeding although it is unclear what caused that.

To make matters worse, Deputy Sheriff Schneider called him “stupid” as he scooped up his immobile body.

The migration crisis and unaccompanied minors arriving in the United States have favored the emergence of poorly guarded outsourced shelters, which in many cases offer unfavorable conditions for the development of children with problems.

In the San Antonio area alone, 12 migrant children have been arrested in a nine-month period for various reasons. Police brutality may not be unique to this case.

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