Group video calls on Telegram are now available

And Telegram was at the level of WhatsApp … more or less, because the already warned arrival of the group video calls on Telegram It is only one of the two characteristics that it lacked to reach the Facebook alternative, the number one in much of the world and especially in Spain (the other is extreme encryption, which Telegram still does not offer for the bulk of messages sent by their users).

However, Telegram has not stopped growing since its launch a little less than eight years ago and if there is one thing that distinguishes it from WhatsApp and the rest of its competition, it is precisely because of the number of functions that it treasures and that it is expanding with each new one. upgrade. This one that concerns us is not an exception, but quite the opposite.

Group video calls on Telegram

Indeed, group video calls on Telegram is not the only thing that the new version of the application brings, but it is the highlight, and it is that it is one of the characteristics most demanded by users for a long time. In Telegram they knew it and although they have arrived later than desirable, they have done so with a quality implementation, judging by the care to the details they have put … Or so it seems, if we stick to the official description. The reality is a bit more stark.

Listing its main virtues, group video calls on Telegram fit its description and can be done in any group where you are, they are compatible with all devices with official support and their interface adapts to the corresponding screen size, they allow sharing the screen, they include an option -optional, worth the redundancy- noise suppression so that the voices they are heard clearer, they have a fairly loose limit of participants (30) that does not reach that of WhatsApp, but that will be expanded in the future …

And yet they have linked the function of video calls to that of voice chatsIt doesn’t seem like the most accessible way to do it. Thus, to make group video calls in Telegram it is necessary to go to the voice chat option and touch the camera icon, which said like this does not sound like a lot of effort, but it is more confusing, since it is essential to be a group administrator to start a conversation, access the preferences of the group in question …

… Not to mention that I may want to make a video call with participants who are not in any group, or in different groups… Do I have to purposely create conversation groups for a one-time video call? And if it is more common, give everyone administrator permissions to start the voice chat and video call? For work groups or studies it may make sense, but for family groups or friends it is unnecessarily complicated. This function is not well riveted, no.

Group video calls on Telegram are not the only novelty in this new version, which otherwise goes along the lines of design and launches animated backgrounds: «multicolored gradient backgrounds that are generated with algorithms and move every time you send a message ”, funds that, of course, can be created and shared by and with everyone; animations when sending messages; new animated emoji and improvements in the import of stickers; Various tweaks in the Android and iOS apps… And some improvements have also been added here and there.

In short, an interesting update, but that a long-awaited function such as group video calls in Telegram comes out as it has done …

In any case, if you use Telegram we invite you to try everything new for yourself and, of course, to join the MC channel on Telegram, from where you can comfortably follow everything we publish.

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