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Grounded, Obisian Entertainment’s new project for Xbox Game Studios, made its debut today as a project in development. If you wonder how this survival experience has fared in its premiere, you should know that it is breaking it on different platforms.

What we mean is that, at the time of writing this note, Grounded tops the list of the best-selling games of the moment on Steam. With the above, the Obisian Entertainment project surpassed the remake of Destroy All Humans !, the other premiere of the week.

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That’s not all, since it also managed to beat other games that have been selling at a good pace for a long time, such as Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sea of ​​Thieves and Satisfactory. It has also shipped more copies than games with attractive discounts like Vampyr, PUBG and Ravenfield.

It is worth mentioning that these figures only take into account the copies of Grounded that have been sold on Steam. So, this was achieved without considering those who are playing it on Xbox One or PC from Xbox Game Pass.

Grounded is also breaking it on Steam

Now, it is important to note that Grounded is also succeeding on Twitch, the video platform where video game content dominates. What we mean is that it is among the most viewed of the day.

At the time of writing this note, Grounded is the third game with the most audience on Twitch with 237,802 viewers. With this it surpasses League of Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, VALORANT and Minecraft and is only below Grand Theft Auto V and Fortnite.

Here’s a snapshot of Grounded’s success on Twitch:

What do you think about this new? Did you imagine that Grounded would be so successful? Tell us in the comments.

Grounded is available on PC and Xbox One as a project in development. You can learn more about this next generation project by clicking here.