If your thing is music and special effects on the green screen, Grimes has a new task for you in these days of social isolation. Claire Boucher just released the video for “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around”, song from her latest album Miss Anthropocene, or well… most of her music video. The images show Grimes in front of a green screen following some steps, and now the Pop star is asking his fans to fill in the background for the video.

Photo by Zak Kaczmarek / WireImage

From what we know of the beautiful Internet, this petition is a mega flown. Either a fan raffles a great video worthy of Grimes, or the Internet lets go of thousands of jokes about it. Honestly, let’s hope they are both.

The born woman Claire Boucher has provided some benchmarks: she wears a black dress that turns red around the ankles. She has her classic long nails and black boots for clothing. The surreal touch is a set of metal wings on the back and in his right hand he wields a sword. From there, everything will be the imagination of those who decide to enter Grimes’ request. Take a look at the blank canvas right down here:

Grimes has taken steps to ensure that the project is not restricted to trained visual designers. The joke is that anyone with a small interest in learning the art of special effects has material to work with. Along with the video, he also shared a set of audio clips, art files, and tools to help the fan create something fun. Links to those tools can be found in the details on the YouTube page of the video.

Grimes asks that once their work is finished, they share it on their social networks with the hashtag #GrimesArtKit, and the singer herself will publish her favorites. For now very few things have been uploaded, but this video of Grimes with Madoka is one of the first to be uploaded:


Grimes – You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around REBELION
Full video: https://t.co/z4PtHonmjR#GrimesArtKit @Grimezsz pic.twitter.com/EL42pwKNZt

– robô da grimes (@apocahralho) April 1, 2020