Grimes goes to spin-off of The Walking Dead | Instagram

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a paralysis in The Walking Dead, which has had to postpone the broadcast of the end of its season 10.

Waiting for new chapters, AMC has released a trailer for World beyond, the second spin-off of the franchise, which has surprised with the appearance of Rick Grimes.

The teaser begins by remembering Rick’s rescue by a mysterious group known simply as CRM earlier in Season 9. Then you see a scene from Fear the Walking Dead in which Al confronts a person who wears the same symbol as those who took Rick.

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Finally the clip offers a brief look at World beyond, uniting the three series under the same symbol of the dark organization.

“Know the truth The Walking Dead: World Beyond will be released later this year,” the series’ official Twitter account said.

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It was planned that World beyond will be released in AMC in April but following the outbreak of Covid-19 the series has been delayed to an unspecified 2020 date. The fiction will follow the first generation of children who grew up after the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse.

AMC is also working on a movie trilogy starring Andrew Lincoln It will show what happened to Rick Grimes after being picked up by the mysterious helicopter.

For his part, Fear the Walking Dead It will launch its sixth season this year, although it has no date set yet. It is also not known when the main series will return, with its episode 10×16 pending.

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Did you know Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero (executive producer of the series) turned their famous Georgia restaurant, Nic & Norman’s, into an emerging grocery store.

In this store you can find the essential items that are currently very difficult to find due to the pandemic.

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