This is not a joke and each person can affect you in a way, regardless of their age, condition and physical condition. Grigor Dimitrov He offered powerful statements collected by Tennis Majors in which analyzing his case, he tries to make others aware of how dangerous it can be to contract the coronavirus and the importance of being responsible and cautious. The Bulgarian lost the two games he played in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown this week and realized that his return to the slopes had been rushed since his body still feels the consequences that the virus left him. And Grigor was not asymptomatic, quite the contrary.

“In a way, I am very lucky to be on the track right now because the virus was so hard for me. I was home for a month and felt all the symptoms. I couldn’t breathe, I was sick, I was permanently tired and lacked smell and taste. I had all the symptoms attributable to Covid-19, so it has not been a good stage for me, far from it, “said a Dimitrov who especially emphasized the hardness of isolating himself for so many days.

And it is that the consequences of this disease are not only physical. “It is a tremendous mental challenge to be alone locked up at home for 20 days. Many things go through your head And no matter how hard mentally you are, you have to deal with negative thoughts and I went through there. They go through strange situations, but being prepared physically and mentally helps. We must be cautious and take all precautions so that this problem disappears from society as soon as possible, “argued Haskovo’s.

“The balance of these games that I have played is evident. I am not prepared to compete at the highest level yet. The disease has left marks on my body that need time to fully heal. Things are going in the right direction, but it is not easy recover quickly from something like that. I have to keep working to improve my mobility, “he said. Grigor Dimitrov in a few words that must be valued and taken into account by the entire ATP circuit.