Grifols yields 9% in the month of July

Grifols lost 9% in July

Grifols A deepens its falls to the unfavorable rhythm in which the Ibex seems to be immersed in the face of the news that points to an increase in infections by the Delta variant already a delay every time in May, in recovery. But not even in the rebounds, like yesterday’s, investors take the opportunity to enter the value. Meanwhile, the company prepares for the results presentation of the first semester of 2021 next July 29, before the market opens.

Among his latest news, highlights his look at Africa, with the announcement of the construction, for Dozie and Dozie’s Pharma, a supplier of sanitary products in Nigeria and the region, of a plant for the production of intravenous solutions. It is planned to be implemented in 2024, located in southwestern Nigeria and could produce 5.5 million bags of intravenous solutions per year, which would be used in hospitals and other facilities.

Grifols reinforced its presence in Africa last November with the signing of an alliance with the Egyptian government. The aim is to open 20 plasma centers, as well as the construction of a fractionation plant for this blood product, to contribute to plasma self-sufficiency in the region. He has also designed a center in Liberia while in Morocco it is finishing the construction of an intravenous solutions plant.

In fact, the total economic impact of Grifols in the main countries where it operates is estimated at 7.5 billion euros and in 140,000 jobs created including direct, indirect and induced jobs, according to the Catalan company.

In its stock chart we see that the value, a 12% yield in the year with falls of 9% in the month of July and 7.5% in the last month, something that the rebound of the Ibex in the last session has not been able to alleviate.

Grifols annual price Grifols annual price

Grifols annual price

The Investment Strategies premium indicators present us with a note of half a point of the 10 total points awarded. Only positive is Grifols’ volatility in the medium term. The rest clearly negative. The medium and long-term trend that is downward, the slow and fast total moment is negative, the business volume is decreasing in the medium and long term, that is, in its two aspects and long-term volatility is increasing.

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The Director of Analysis of Investment Strategies Juan Francisco Ruiz highlights that Grifols “remains without significant support until annual lows. The downside momentum that started at 23.42 continues its course and the price consolidates below the intermediate support zone between 21.40 and 21.15. The trend is downward, the moment is negative, volatility rebounds and, despite the accumulated falls, the volume fails to rebound. The price does not have significant support until the annual minimum situated at 18.87 ”.

Grifols on daily chart with average amplitude range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

Grifols technical analysis of value Grifols technical analysis of value

Grifols technical analysis of the value

While Antonio Espín, independent analyst, highlights that Grifols “There have been many expectations, but we are facing a weak value, a bearish value, which made a false escape, around 24 and then lost the support of 21.70 euros. This is wrong, it has no appeal. Although above 22 you can attack the 24 euro area again. This is how the panorama would change, but it is weak ”.

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