Griezmann’s extraordinary performance

Called relatively late to the France team, Antoine Griezmann has continued since the matches with incredible regularity.

Overdue with the FC Barcelona, to the point of seeing its holder status regularly weakened, Antoine Griezmann appears indecisive with the France team. New proof during this international window since the Mâconnais is one of the rare players to have participated in the three meetings on the program, just like the other tauliers, Paul pogba and Raphael Varane.

And these three new appearances in the jersey struck the rooster allow Antoine Griezmann to extend his incredible streak. The Mâconnais has indeed participated in the last 43 matches of the France team. A series started in August 2017 against the Netherlands. Only one player has done better in the history of the France team: Patrick Vieira. The former Gunner had indeed chained 44 matches between. Also, if he participates in the next match of the Blues in March, the Barcelona will equal this attendance record.

Four games missed in seven years

But it is Antoine Griezmann’s entire career in the France team that is marked with the seal of diligence. Because if the player trained in Real Sociedad had to wait 23 years to know his first selection, as much because of a slow maturation as because of his one-year suspension imposed by the FFF for a trip to Paris during a gathering of the Espoirs in Le Havre, he did not has not lagged behind to establish itself as an essential element.

Since his baptism against the Netherlands in March 2014, Antoine Griezmann has indeed played 86 of the 90 games played by the France team, including 71 as a starter – a record among the players used by Didier Deschamps. He has therefore only missed four matches since his first steps: against Serbia in the fall of 2014, Cameroon in May 2016, Côte d’Ivoire in November 2016 and England in June 2017. A consistency indeed exceptional.

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