Griezmann, the revelations on Messi’s stroke

The media exit of Lionel Messi on his return to Barcelona could suggest that the point of no return has been reached between the six-time Golden Ball and Antoine Griezmann.

Antoine Griezmann might expect. The attacks of certain members of his entourage against Lionel messi did not fail to make the Argentinian react. During the international break, and Eric Olhats, the former agent of the Frenchman, and Emmanuel Lopes, his uncle, attacked the omnipotence of the n ° 10 of the Barça. “I was convinced that Antoine was not going to succeed the first six months at Barcelona, ​​but I did not expect it to last a year anyway. In addition with Messi around… I know what’s going on inside, so it’s not easy, ”his uncle had notably launched during a report devoted to him.

Charges that have caused much ink to flow in Catalonia. Also, Lionel Messi had barely set foot on the tarmac at Barcelona airport, back from selection, that he was bombarded with questions on the subject. And the response has been scathing to say the least. “I’m a little tired of being permanently the problem of everything at the club,” he indeed launched, suggesting a warm reunion between the two teammates.

Messi wants more from his leaders …

According to several Barça analysts, the relationship between the tricolor world champion and the six-time Golden Ball is not doomed. In the first place because of the context of this bloodstroke. Lionel Messi had indeed just come out of a long trip from Peru of 15 hours by plane, which is moreover questions from tax officials to himself but also to his entourage and even the crew of the plane. The native of Rosario was therefore tense to say the least when he got off the device.

But above all, most Catalan media assure it: relations between Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann have really warmed up in recent weeks and the Argentinian is determined to help the Frenchman flourish in the Barcelona dressing room as on the pitch. . The playing master of Barça would therefore no longer have any problem with the former Madrilenian but would, on the other hand, always be up against his leaders …

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