‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Ellen Pompeo responds to an angry fan who reprimands her for putting up spoilers

At this point in the movie, when ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is already in season 17, there are fans who keep claiming their time / space to enjoy the series whenever they want without anyone hitting a major turn. Tremendous challenge if we take into account that this ABC proposal usually includes bombings that quickly roam the social networks. Even so, an indignant tweeter wanted to convey his disgust to the protagonist of the fiction, an Ellen Pompeo who has taken it with all the humor in the world.

We do not know what great revelation the outraged viewer is referring to, but his disgust suggests years of spoiled bombings. “Meredith Gray can go to fry asparagus with her spoilers”, starts the aforementioned fan, stressing that a minimum margin should be given before revealing certain things. “Give us at least 24 damn hours! Ughhhhhh, yeah @EllenPompeo, I’m very angry lol. “That” lol “at the tail of the message softens the tone to the point that has encouraged Pompeo to jump into the conversation to defend his character, a doctor who has suffered a lot on the small screen.

“Come on man … Meredith Gray has been through a lot … and only one FYI … my name is Ellen Pompeo and I run that Insta account so that’s up to me.” Following this tweet, some followers have joined the plea, emphasizing the international success of the series, which many fans follow based on their country’s broadcasts. “I’m from Argentina, so I skip your tweets and your Instagram posts because in Latin America we have a huge delay“.

Many returns

Meredith’s beach / limbo has become a very useful resource for the writers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and if not tell Chyler Leigh, an actress who has had the opportunity to make a return to the series thanks to this ruse. Lexie Gray, Meredith’s late sister, has returned like this in the April 1 episode, the tenth of season 17, an episode that has seen Lexie join the rescue team. And it is that in this magical corner he had already welcomed George (TR Knight), Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti).