Grey’s Anatomy 16: Finally the last season arrives, for May on Netflix | INSTAGRAM

The last new chapters of the famous medical drama will be available starting next month in the vast Netflix catalog.

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What apparently will be the last installment of the renowned medical series Grey’s Anatomy, one of the favorites and most popular in recent years, will finally enter the innumerable list of series available on the most famous streaming platform.

This is the 16th season of the famous series of medical and hospital situations, which you can enjoy starting next month on Netflix.
Fans of the history of Meredith Gray will be able to see what happened in the last chapters of said series starting on May 9. Netflix will include all the new episodes in its catalog in the early hours of the same day.

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And is that after having been on the air for 15 long years, the well-known production of Shonda Rhimes continued to be at the foot of the canyon. However, what appears to be the last season of “Grey’s Anatomy”, a series that has left a quite significant mark on its loyal followers, due to an unexpected departure from one of its beloved characters: Alex Karev who was played by Justin Chambers.

The distinguished series will have an unforeseen ending. The medical drama was one of the already too many productions of which the recordings were affected by the rapid advance of the world disease. So much so that there was a strong need to suspend the filming of the episodes from the beginning of March.

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Likewise, the producer of the series stated that on the 27th of the same month that said production of the last four episodes will not be resumed, thus closing season 16 with only 21 episodes.

Ellen Pompeo, main star of the series, gave a curious detail about the final episode of this season. When asked by a fan about whether the last chapter will have many deaths (as is normal in Grey’s Anatomy), the actress replied that this would not be the case.