Grettell Valdez, deny in a letter that her husband is imprisoned in Switzerland | Instagram

Leo Clerc, husband Grettell Valdez yesterday he sent a letter to Ventaneando explaining his legal situation in Switzerland and the reason why he has not returned to Mexico.

The model and accountant pointed out that it is not in prison As it was handled on Tuesday, he is at his mother’s house solving his legal quarrels.

Indeed, I am in Switzerland missing my wife, I am at home taking care of my mother, in the company of my relatives, these last few weeks have been very difficult between my mother’s illness and not being able to see my wife, 10 years ago I made a mistake that I regret, « he said.

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He European He assured that he continues working in a company of clocks that gave him a second chance.

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Until now, Grettell it has not given statements in this regard.

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How did Gretell and Leo Clarc meet?

The pretty actress She met her future husband thanks to a mutual friend who introduced them, apparently this romance arose like in the movies.

The crush was given the first day, it was all very fast, the actress confessed to the magazine Who in a past interview.

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It also revealed that Leo she had a very special accomplice, her little son Santino, who helped him make his engagement a success.

From the beginning he already knew everything and it was difficult because a child keeps a secret at 10 years old, it is difficult, and less Santino! However, the reality is that the businesswoman also never suspected anything, only days later, both confessed that Santino encouraged Leo a lot, because he was afraid that she would say no.

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The couple starred in December 2018, his wedding in the port of Acapulco, after leaving five months, in the middle of a private party in which the guests, several of them from the artistic world, could not enter with their cell phones.