Grettell Valdez reacts to comments about her husband and sends a strong message | Instagram

The actress Grettell Valdez she reacted to the controversy that has revolved around the legal situation of her husband in Switzerland.

The soap opera artist, who had omitted statements in this regard, recently spoke to maintain her position and reiterate that she would not speak on the subject, also thanked the comments of support for she has received, she said through a statement, in which she announces she will stay focused on her family.

After that in recent days it was disclosed through Ventaneando information in which he pointed to the husband of the histrionic Leo Clarc, who allegedly faced legal problems in Switzerland, the controversy seized the name of the actress and her partner.

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The actress chose not to comment on the start of this controversy and several comments emerged to support the artist, and even her ex-husband. Patrick Borghettifather of his son Santino, who noted the information, « had affected her son’s mother to some extent. »

So later, an email from your representative agency revealed the actions that the actress will take derived from this bad time.

Grettell wants to mention that these moments are important to his family and he wants to dedicate time to it, he welcomes the solidarity comments that friends, media and fans have sent him ”

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This, derived from the information disseminated by various entertainment media which indicated that « Leo Clerc, the artist’s husband, was facing charges with the Justice ».

He was facing justice on charges of alleged fraud as a former accountant for a major transnational company, « said journalist Pati Chapoy.

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After making the above known, last Wednesday, during the broadcast led by Pati Chapoy, Leo Clerc He sent a letter to the production to clarify these facts, the same ones in which he assures his « legal situation in total freedom of movement », thus ruling out that this is the reason why he could not return to Mexico.

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In the letter Leo Clerc He made it to the press, took the opportunity to share that he previously spoke with Grettell of this mistake made in the past and now regrets. And he even apologizes to his wife and stepson.

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« When I found out that she was the woman of my life, I spoke the truth about my mistake, because doing so was part of my new stage of life and the love, kindness and generosity with which my companion today responded to my sincerity, encourage and inspire me to give my best every day. I feel blessed by the love of my wife and to count on the love, affection and respect of her son, the most important person in her life and of course an essential part in all my days, Here, I pause to apologize to him and his dad, I never wanted this to happen like this, the person you know is the person I am… ”, he said to reiterate that his past does not define his present, ensuring that today he takes advantage of the maximum the second chance that life has given him.