One of the most critical voices in the NBA of the government of Donald trump always was Gregg Popovich. The coach of the San Antonio Spurs It is a staple when questioning the American president and with the uprisings in the country after the murder of George Floyd, he has not been allowed to pass.

According to Pop, who spoke with The Nation, President Trump “is an insane idiot” who “hides” from the racial problems of the United States. The legendary coach added that “without leadership and without an understanding of what the real problem is, there will never be changes”

Popovich continued to criticize the president and stated that “if he had a brain, he would go out and say something to unify people, but he does not care. That’s how upset he is. It is always about him ”and that he will not help to pacify saying that the lives of blacks matter“ because for him it is more important to appease his followers who validate his madness ”.