It is often said that experience is one degree and all the accumulated by Gregg Popovich They assure his role as an intellectual reference for the NBA and an influential person in society. The legendary coach of the San Antonio Spurs has been much more than that throughout his career, becoming a very active person on a political level, fighting against injustices and wanting to change things from within. Raised basketballically speaking in the Armed Forces and then passing through eminent schools and universities, Popovich has forged himself and is very clear on his views. For all that, listen to what he had to say about two current hot topics in the NBA, it seemed of great interest. These are the reflections collected on ESPN.

– Effectiveness of sanitary measures in the Orlando NBA bubble: « I have been able to speak to a lot of people, I was with Adam Silver and all his team, and it is impressive to realize everything they have done to organize this. They have taken care of every detail and, honestly, I think there is no other place in the one that we can be safer. It is good that we are not as spoiled as we are the members of this league, but we are sure. I think that this bubble can work and for that reason, I feel safer here than in my house in Texas « , the coach commented.

– The fight against racism and in favor of social equality. « We have an opportunity to make our message visible and make millions of people enjoy basketball. We must fight against the injustice and racial imbalances that we have all seen first hand, including myself, although there are things that continue to impact and outrage, » he said with emotion the good of Gregg. Since 1950 there have been 6,500 lynchings of blacks in this country. I can never accept or understand that. It is time to really face this. Whites cannot continue to enjoy privileges while others pay for it, « he said before recommending a NY Times article that synthesizes their thinking.