The former British tennis player Greg Rusedski He gave an interview to Tennis 365, where he talked about the possibility of the US Open being played in August and the probabilities that Roger Federer has of being able to win a Grand Slam again, something that Rusedski himself doubts due to his advanced age. The former number four in the world says that if tennis returns with the dispute of the US Open, we could see many surprises in the first rounds.

-Roger Federer managed to stop at the right moment:

“It is incredible how Roger measured the times. He underwent a surgical intervention before all this tennis break appeared. Obviously, this coronavirus situation is very serious and health is undoubtedly the most important thing at the moment, but this rest It has been very useful for Roger so that he can fully recover from that last injury that appeared after the 2020 Australian Open. “

-It is very difficult for the Swiss to have a chance of winning a Grand Slam:

“Although this break has come in handy for him to recover from that injury, I think it is very difficult for him to fight for the Grand Slams. When tennis returns he will be 39 years old and to win important titles at that age is very difficult. I have been watching videos of Novak Djokovic training and the latest news says that Nadal is training with great intensity in the last few days. I think they are both one step above and have more chances to win than Roger. Already last year We saw at the US Open that the heat in Flushing Meadows prevented Roger from making it to the semifinals. I wish I could win it, but I still think there are other favorites. “

-It is not clear who will win the US Open in the event that it is played:

“It will be interesting if the US Open is played in August that tennis players have a better chance of winning. We do not know how the best players on the circuit will physically arrive and we will have to see if the young boys take advantage of the opportunity to break the hegemony of the big three. This tournament will have many things similar to the Australian Open, since it will be like the first important tournament after this break. In the first rounds we could already see big surprises and we will see how it affects emotionally and physically playing long matches after this break. Now everyone is fresh, but with weight on the legs the situation changes, “he concluded.