The former British tennis player Greg Rusedski He gave an interview to Tennis 365, where he analyzed the possibility that the US Open ends up playing on the scheduled dates (August 24 to September 13), encouraging that if it were to be played, he would get television audience data never seen in the history of this sport. In addition, he recognizes that the tournament should be played in any possible way, dropping the possibility that the event will be played behind the scenes.

-The need for the US Open to be played this year for the sake of tennis:

“We need to find a way for the US Open to take place this year, either with or without spectators. Anything that would be played would be very good, as long as we can guarantee the safety of all the tennis players and people involved in the tournament. The situation seems to be improving with the passing of the days and it would be very positive if tennis returned with the dispute of the New York tournament. “

-It would be a unique opportunity for tennis to have a lot of audience data on television:

“I think of the millions of fans around the world who are looking forward to tennis coming back as soon as possible. If it were to play the US Open, it would be a unique opportunity to take tennis to the biggest, getting audience data on television Incredible. The fact of playing would be something historical, since it would be remembered as the tournament that returned after the coronavirus pandemic. “

-The facilities of the US Open are very large and there would be hardly any chance of contagion in those two weeks of competition:

“Flushing Meadows is huge and the fact that there are no spectators would make social distancing not a problem. There is enough space for everyone and the chances of contagion would be very low. Also, there is still June, July and August before that the US Open were to be played and by then, the situation should be even better and many companies would have opened their doors and the players would already be at a high level of tennis, since many of them are already training on court to be fine with facing the possible return of tennis. “

-Response to Federer who stated that he would not like to play tennis without fans:

“Roger expressed his point of view about whether or not he would play without an audience, but I think that all the tennis players would have to make an effort to adapt to the new tour that we will have later. Until we have a possible vaccine, the situation will be totally different from the tennis that we knew before. In addition, in some occasions tournaments have been played with little fans cheering for you. In the last Davis Cup that was played in Madrid, there were very few fans cheering for their teams, since the vast majority of spectators were Spanish and at certain times we saw playoffs with very few spectators. Everyone should adapt to it. “