Since Andy Murray was introduced into this maze of injuries in the middle of the 2017 season, many have been the voices that have come to the fore to comment on his physical condition. But no one has done it as many times as Greg Rusedski Although that does not mean that he is the one who has the best information. What is clear is that the former world No. 4 has sufficient authority to review the news of his compatriot and warn of the challenges that lie ahead. In a chat with Tennis 365Rusesdki outlined the challenges of playing a Grand Slam after a period of inactivity.

“It will be interesting to see exactly where Andy ‘s body is when he returns to the circuit,” said Greg. “In the last Davis Cup he had hip problems again, when you face a bone growth problem like yours, it is much more difficult to compete in best of five sets matches. It would be a real challenge if playing the US Open or Roland Garros is in your head

All players will start from scratch after not competing on the circuit since last February, although in the case of Murray that break extends until last November. “Andy is still in the progress stage, it’s a long job. There are still many doubts about what I can achieve after all these injury problems. Probably we would have had a clearer answer if he could have had a more gradual return to the competition, making his way through some tournaments and gradually recovering that physical tone, “says Rusedski.

“When you have been out of the game for a long period of time, it is very difficult to make your way in tournaments where the games are played in five sets, at least it will be difficult for you to make your way in those tables with ease. That exam is very hard on the body, and nothing similar can be replicated in any of your training sessions ”, adds the Canadian-born Brit, one of the big names who always kept close to the Dunblane tennis circle.

In the end it is a matter of faith, of believing or not believing in such an important figure as Andy Murray. According to Rusedski, we still have pillars to think of seeing him return once again to the elite. “The victory he had in Antwerp at the end of last season it was a sensational performance. Once again, Andy demonstrated how incredibly strong he is mentally by beating Stan Wawrinka like that in that final. It was a tremendous victory, so tremendous that for that reason we are never going to get Andy out of this equation, ”he concludes.