Angèle and Greg have just crossed an important milestone! Indeed, the Marseillais openly talked about it via his Snap chat story!

Since the shooting of Marseillais vs the rest of World 5, Greg and Angèle never leave each other! Indeed, the couple has just crossed an important milestone ! MCE TV tells you more!

In Paris with his girlfriend Angèle, for the past few days, Greg’s Instagram and Snap Chat stories have smelled of love! Indeed, the two lovebirds seem to spin the perfect love!

So, today, the couple has taken a step forward… And not just any! Indeed, the beautiful Angela presented her darling to her mother! A meeting that obviously went very well!

“She loved you very much”, even entrusted Angèle to her darling Greg to reassure him! In fact, the Marseillais was very stressed about this meeting… He can now relax!

Greg, accused of being hypocrite with Carla

A few days ago, Carla Moreau posted a video of her daughter taking her first steps! A post on Instagram that many Internet users have commented on… But not only! Indeed, Greg also wanted to congratulate little Ruby! ” well done“, He wrote in comment!

A message accompanied by two hearts … So far nothing to report in appearance, quite the contrary since the young man seems particularly benevolent … Only here, Carla’s fans accused him of being a hypocrite!

And for good reason, in the episodes of Marseillais vs the rest of the world currently being broadcast…. The agreement is far from being in good shape between Carla and Greg! So here is what internet users responded to Marseille!

“On television he cuts Carla, and on Instagram it gives up hearts! ” “I don’t understand the point of putting hearts on her and then making Jessica’s follower on TV!” »We can read on the social network…

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