Greenwood comes to United’s rescue

04/04/2021 at 10:37 PM CEST

The Manchester United He put off his homework until the last minute, but it worked out well. A Greenwood goal six minutes to go allowed the red devils to overtake a Brighton full of courage, and perhaps lacking in determination in the face of goal. The ‘seagulls’ took the lead at Old Trafford, and Solskjaer’s men weren’t able to react until the second half. Two claws from Rashford and Greenwood They did the job, and United reinforces their position in the top-4 of the Premier.



Manchester United

Henderson; Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw; Pogba (McTominay, M.86), Fred; Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, Rashford (James, M.72); Cavani (Van de Beek, M.82).


Robert Sánchez; White, Dunk, Veltman; Gross, Bissouma, Lallana (Alireza, M.88), Moder (Zeqiri, M.88); Maupay, Welbeck, Trossard (McAllister, M.63).


0-1 M.13 Welbeck; 1-1 M.62 Rashford; 2-1 M.84 Greenwood.


Mike Dean. TA: Cavani (M.63) / Gross (M.42), White (M.66).


Old Trafford. No spectators.

The Red Devils are, along with City, the only team in the Champions zone that has won this day. And he did it in a game starring in the start by De Gea’s substitution, in favor of a Henderson which seems to have won the place. Although soon the focus took it Welbeck. United excanteran, He returned to what was once his home to shake the Solskjaer men. The Englishman won the game against Wan-Bissaka in a lateral center. Henderson covered the first shot, but Welbeck shot on goal in the rebound.

United came to half-time without shooting, something that had not happened since 2019. A Greenwood attempt that hit the post was his best asset, but Solskjaer’s men pushed at the restart. The first thrust was Rashford, who took advantage of Brighton’s bravery by pressing up to score against. Directed Bruno Fernandes, defined English.

Decide Greenwood

With a tie on the scoreboard, the game could go either way. Graham Potter’s protested a penalty from Maguire to Welbeck, that neither Mike Dean nor the VAR conceded, and Greenwood ended up deciding. With neither Rashford nor Cavani substituted out of caution, the young Englishman assumed chevrons, picked up a shot bitten from Pogba to head the decisive goal to the net from Robert Sánchez, and win a 11-point mattress in the Champions zone.