The documentary ‘The Las Dance’, which revives the 1997/98 season, the last in which the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan were champions, he is providing a lot of information so far little treated. For example, the very low salary I had Scottie Pippen, long the second best player of that team, which was the sixth that received less. He signed a five-year contract in 1991 for $ 18 million, making him one of the lowest-paid NBA big stars in history.

Draymond green, the player of the Golden State Warriors, He believes that one of his companions also went through such a trance.

“I think the two best teams in NBA history (referring to his Warriors and the 1990s Bulls) were built out of bad contracts. Scottie Pippen’s contract is fucking awful, but I’m not sure it was any worse. than Stephen Curry had. Nobody is going to say that because Curry charged 11 million (in 2013 he signed a 44-kilo and 4-year contract), I’m not a mathematician, but I would be interested to know if that contract and Scottie’s at the time we could compare them”.

In the 2015-16 season, the Warriors won 73 games and Curry was named MVP. He was currently the 61st highest-paid player in the league with 11.3 million contract and the Warriors fifth after Klay Thompson, Green, Bogut and Iguodala. Pippen, meanwhile, gained 2.7 kilos in 97/98 and was the sixth player to collect the most in the Bulls. He was the highest-paid 122 in the league that year. Comparing, as fellow Yahoo Sports do, we see that in 2015-16, Curry’s, the highest paid 122 was Marco Bellineli with six kilos in the Kings.

So it appears that Pippen’s contract was much worse than Curry’s.