Green juices are synonymous with health, acquiring the habit of consuming them daily is the best ally for the digestive system, great detox remedy, strengthens the immune system and fills us with energy

In recent years juice consumption or the famous juicing It has become one of the most popular health trends, various nutrition specialists and health coach. This method refers to the process by which fresh fruit and vegetable juices are extracted, are natural products considered a extraordinary ally for detoxify the body, lose weight, provide many more nutrients and inclusive improve their absorption. There are many benefits related to daily consumption of green juicesThe main ones include:

Its immense supply of nutrients and hydration which greatly improve all body functions.
Are the perfect ally to regulate digestion and protect intestinal healthfight stomach aches and thanks to its fiber content help ccombat constipation.
They have a considerable and significant anti-inflammatory power, which helps combat all kinds of chronic diseases known to modern man as is the case of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.
Increase considerably and positively the body’s energy levels, it is therefore perfect to start the day drinking a glass of green juice provides a lot of vitality.
Its unmatched nutrient content is highly positive for improve the immune system and increase the body’s defenses.
They are purifying, they help the body eliminate everything it does not need and accelerate metabolism so the fat burning and weight loss.
Improve the appearance of the skin from within thanks to its ability to hydrate it, increase the collagen production and in general the skin looks great fresher and more radiant.

This green juice recipe is a wonderful alternative to consume every day, stands out for its exceptional contribution in nutrients among which its powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients like vitamin A, B and Crich minerals like magnesium, iron, potassium and especially for his great fiber content, It’s a drink extremely healthy and with great anti-inflammatory properties.

Easy and nutritious green juice recipe:


2 cups baby spinach
1 handful of parsley
1 medium green apple
1 cucumber
1 one-inch piece of ginger
½ lemon
½ liter of water

Step by Step:

Wash and disinfect all ingredients before using them.
Cut all the ingredients (except the spinach and parsley) into cubes or small slices.
Get the lemon juice.
Add all the ingredients in the blender glass together with the water and the previously squeezed lemon juice. Mix for a couple of minutes until you get a homogeneous mixture.
Serve and consume immediately to prevent it from oxidizing and losing its properties.

Additional recommendations:

Try to consume a glass of this green juice daily and on an empty stomach.
You can turn it into a delicious and fresh smoothie for the hot months, add ice and reduce the amount of water, if you dare you can even add a little of your favorite vegetable milk.
This juice can be prepared in two ways: strained or without straining, remember that by straining you will be losing much of the fiber it contains.