Green Day revives their side project, The Network, to release an EP

Go that 2020 continue to give us surprises left and right, because despite the fact that the music industry experiences complex moments thanks to the pandemic, bands and artists continue to compose songs. But there are other cases of musicians who prefer to try new things, either starting projects or resuming those that did not fight for years, and that is just the case of Green Day, who just left us with a square eye.

In 2003, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool together with the guitarist who has accompanied them on the vast majority of their tours, Jason White launched a project called The Network. To prevent their musical past from overshadowing this proposal, they decided to keep everything a secret and donning masks to go on stage and give interviews, also the names were changed to nicknames so that no one would recognize them.

Green Day revives their side project, The Network, to release an EPGreen Day revives their side project, The Network, to release an EP

Billie Joe Armstrong performing with Green Day in 2003 / Photo: .


Green Day returns with … The Network?

That same year, they released their first album, Money Money 2020 (an almost prophetic title) but even though they tried to mislead the world, listening to them it was inevitable to realize that behind this group of new wave and proto-punk were the members of Green Day. Billie Joe has always fueled the rumor that he hates them because they are ungrateful, since according to his words, he took them out of Germany and signed them to record an album.

However, over the years they were resigned to the fact that the public knew that they were the ones who were playing these songs, so they continued with the punk rock band and this project was put aside. But now and because 2020, They decided to revive it after 15 years and not only that, but they have big plans for the next few months, because to start with they just released an EP fresh out of the oven and is now available on digital platforms.

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The gang shoots Ivanka Trump

New material from The Network Or should we say Green Day? it’s called Trans Am and of course the times we are living in influenced its composition. According to Consequence of Sound, it’s about a set of four songs in which the band to the rhythm of beats and electronic sounds talk about current situations, just listen to “Ivanka Is A Nazi”, the not subtle theme that they dedicated to the daughter of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump.

In addition to this very peculiar song –where they make it very clear that they don’t like Miss Ivanka at all– come the homonymous song as well as “Flat Earth” and “Fentanyl”. According to the same source, on December 4 they will release their second studio album, which will be called Money Money 2020 Part II: Told Ya So !, but while we wait for more news, listen to his new EP below: