The Colombian Greeicy Rendón’s career has been on the rise for several years, and her success is increasing every day. See her in this video from about 9 years ago, in which she is seen with ultra-short and flatter hair.

June 26, 2020

Greeciy Rendón always looks magnificent. With a heart-pounding body and long silky hair, this Colombian doll has made a very successful career in the music world in recent years.

But apparently, Greeicy has done much more than grow musically and artistically, and the proof of this is in this video that she herself uploaded as a reminder of her first year as a girlfriend with Mike Bahía.

« They say that REMEMBERING IS LIVING and yes !!!! I have been checking it with memories that have come back these days. I saw this and I felt on that day. Mike and I have been almost 9 years and in this video we had less than a year … I felt like in those days. There we were recording the video of # looking for you that was the first song that @mikebahia released. Sooooooo much to remember, « Greeicy wrote.

In the video, you see a Greeicy definitely flatter, thinner as always and with very short hair and without much style.

In the short film, he is trying to play with a ula-ula ring on some paradisiacal tropical beach, certainly one of the couple’s favorite places.

If we compare that image with the modern Greeicy, not only is the hair longer and more worked, but it seems to have brought out a little more personality, security and muscle. No doubt thanks to the training he does with Mike, who is a top athlete.

Mike Bahía and Greeicy Rendón have been together for 9 years and despite the rumors that have tried to affirm that the relationship has ended, both each day demonstrate how strong they are, even if no wedding plans are yet to be seen. And the ring for when?