Great tips for tiny houses

Making the dream of having a small, beautiful and functional house come true is not as difficult as you thought, much less after these fabulous tips.

Small house does not mean small furniture, a house full of furniture can very easily feel cluttered or overwhelming. So a good idea is bet on large and functional furniture, especially when we divide the spaces. Of course, try to avoid large libraries, excess shelves or open furniture, to reduce visual information and the accumulation of dust.

Today almost all furniture You can buy them or have them made with its own storage place, and this is imperative to keep things out of sight. Good examples are benches, puffs or footrests, armchairs with storage and above all, beds with drawers.

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If you do not plan to change the bed, you can raise it from the floor and thus allow space to place drawers with wheels, baskets, suitcases and travel bags. Remember to take advantage of any disused bag as a storage place, also consider buying vacuum bags, they are super practical!

In a small house it is essential use vertical spaceThis makes your eyes go from the floor to the ceiling and the walls become protagonists, achieving the effect that your house looks bigger. You can use tall furniture, pendant lamps, hang some objects you want more by hand or off the floor, some plants, ornaments or pictures, but be careful without overloading.

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The oversized mirrors They will transform your environment, making it look brighter and more spacious, they can even be a good substitute for paintings.

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It is important that you choose light and clear curtains to take advantage of the greatest amount of natural light. We recommend you hang them as high as you can instead of where the window ends, in order to visually enlarge the room. They are also very useful to cover open shelves or cabinets, achieving a more relaxed look.

Every centimeter counts, so do not forget to take advantage of the spaces behind the doors and obviously, the halls.

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For narrow bedrooms you can opt for floating tables or nightstands, or even a simple shelf next to the bed, and if you want, a beautiful headboard with a storage place. It should be noted that wall mounted or pendant lamps they are ideal to make better use of space.

A very good tip is to use a small auxiliary storage cabinet for small objects that are always cluttered in our home, for example: in the office area, in the kitchen or in conjunction with a hanging coat rack for a mini hall.

We couldn’t forget about the floating furniture, folding or with more than one function. Tables, desks and folding beds, armchairs or simply use a bench for both a seat and an auxiliary table; When you have a small house, these are very worthwhile options.

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Don’t wait any longer to transform your small space into a super functional environment!

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