Great success of participation in the 1st edition of Les Comes Vintage Enduro

04/28/2021 at 1:09 PM CEST

The farm of Les Comes, Súria (Barcelona) celebrated last Sunday the first edition of Les Comes Vintage Enduro, a day that has hosted the Enduro Classic TT Cup of Spain and the Children’s Enduro Cup of Spain.

It has been a great day for all lovers of classic motorcycles, since it has been been able to see in Les Comes dozens of enduro bikes of all times and the most legendary brands of the sector, such as Bultaco, Rieju, Montesa, Puch or Ossa, among other. These jewels and their riders have revived the great enduro races of the last century, in a highly contested and exciting event.

The Spanish Cup of Children’s Enduro It was the first to open the day. The pilots of the 125cc category 2T have inaugurated the route that the Les Comes team had prepared for the championship. The fastest has been, Aleix saumell, who came second in the first race of the championship, held in Seville. This time he has fought to the end to get this first position. The rider with the second fastest time was the winner of the Seville test, Yago Dominguez, just 13 seconds from the first participant. The third, fourth and fifth place have gone to Jaume Ballester, Jordi Galera Y Javier Barcena respectively.

On 85cc, the winner of the category with clear authority has been the pilot Pol Guerrero, which has been more than 30 seconds faster than the second classified. The next fastest have been, Juan Rey, Jose Manuel Pellicer, Ramon Godino Y Hugo Cuesta in this same order.

In the category 65cc, the one with the smallest displacement, the fastest, with a difference of 36 seconds compared to the second classified, has been the young driver Oriol García. Pau Sabaté has been ranked second and Jesús Navarro, Álex Gabarda Y Pedro Godoy they have followed him in third, fourth and fifth position.

Between the females, Mireia Rabionet, clearly prevailed over the rest of the participants, with a total time 6 minutes below the second classified, the pilot Cristina de Juan Flores. Adela Godino Y Elena Arcas placeholder image they have been third and fourth in this test. All of them have competed at a great level.

With respect to Spanish TT Classic Championship, the winner of the category of the oldest motorcycles, All Terrain 76, has been the pilot Xavier Castey, with less than 3 minutes compared to the second classified, the pilot Carlos Esteve Fontanals. Blai Jové, Carlos Salinas Y Raul Jimenez they have completed the podium.

In the category All Terrain 125cc, where motorcycles from 1976 up to 125 cc have participated, the winner was the home rider, Pep Vila, who was 7 minutes faster than the participant with the second best time, the pilot Francisco Borras. The rest of the podium positions went to Javier Esteban, Josep Mª Pañella Y Baldiri Olivé.

On Superior All Terrain, reserved for motorcycles from 1976 with a displacement greater than 125cc, the first place has been for the rider David gomez, who has taken 1 minute to the next classified, Jordi Riera. The rest of the winners have been, Jeroni Ribes, Iván Valverde Y Isidro Chia.

Jordi Casas, he had the best time of the Enduro category 89, where motorcycles participate from 1981 to 1989. The second classified, Ricard martinez has been less than a minute of the winner. Third, fourth and fifth place has come Miguel Calzada, Andreu Rota Y Juan Francisco Calzada.

Outside of the official categories of the race, awards have also been given to the participants of the new category Classic Open, aimed at pilots with classic motorcycles that were legally out of the championship. The winner of this test has been the Superbike World Champion Carlos Checa, followed by Gerard Pera, Lluis Auroux, Genis Cuadros Y Jordi Figuls.

Inside of category TT 125cc, the organization wanted to make a special mention to the pilots with displacements of up to 80cc. This subcategory also had its own awards ceremony and the fastest have been the pilot Pep Vila, followed by Alfonso Franch Y Julio Antonio Zofia.

This first edition of Les Comes Vintage has been very well received by all the riders and fans who have come this Sunday to enjoy a great enduro weekend.

The Les Comes race has been the second of this championship, which will have a total of 5 state tests of Classic TT and 4 of the Enduro Children’s Cup. The next test will take place on May 8 in the province of Asturias.