After the rest day on Thursday, the Asturian salmon rivers were generous with the fishermen. At least the three that set the tone this season, since between Narcea (17), Sella (16) and Cares (10) they totaled 43 catches. Meanwhile, the Eo and the Esva are still not released.

The 16 of the Sella went to José Manuel Sánchez, from Onís, 4,150 kilos; José Luis Somoano, from Cangas de Onís, 5,540; an anonymous athlete, 5,920; Antonio José Mori, from Cangas de Onís, 6,480; Enrique Corujo, de Lieres, 5,230. José Luis Gutiérrez, from Oviedo, 4,490. José Manuel Llera, from Ribadesella, 4,990; the Early quota was for three fishermen from Pola de Lena: Eduardo Javier Fernández, 5,130; Ismael Barrio, 4,710; and Yasmina López, 4,580; José Manuel Fierros, from Cangas de Onís, 4 kilos; Vigil Díaz, from Noreña, 5,200; Andrés Peláez, from Traspando, 4,900. Sergio García, from Tapia de Casariego, 4,860. Prudencio Marcos de Gera, from Pola de Laviana, 5,330; Andrés Cano, from Carbayín, 5,350.

The ten from Cares were captured by Alfonso Caso, from Colombres, 4,750 kilos; Víctor Ruiz, from Noriega, 5,100; Nicolás Sánchez, from Arenas de Cabrales, 5,400; Raúl Ramiro, from Panes, 5 kilos; Fernando Pidal, from Arenas de Cabrales, 6,100; Manuel Erice, from Colombres, 5,400; one athlete from Siero, 5,500; Miguel Ibáñez, from Piedras Blancas, 9,250. 9. Roberto Ibáñez, from Piedras Blancas, 5,850; and Daniel del Valle, from Villanueva, 5,250.

Of the 17 captured in Narcea, 16 went to natural bait, except one to fly, and the majority in the free zone of the western river, except two in the free zone of Nalón and one caught in the Juan Castaño preserve. In general, the weight of the salmon was around five kilos, with the exception of one specimen of 9,320, another of 8,290 and a third of seven and a half kilos.

The good data from yesterday allows us to make optimistic calculations for the weekend, during which the influx of fishermen on the banks of the rivers is usually more numerous.