Grbic showed why he wants more minutes

Atlético de Madrid
He opened his preseason of friendlies full of players from his subsidiary, among whom stood out for the repercussion, the staging of
Simeone, who debuted with the first team, as a starter, in a clash resolved on penalty shootouts.

A clash in which several rojiblancos stood out. Among them, Ivo Grbic, second mattress goalkeeper. The truth is that after a year in the team, the fans did not have many references to the qualities of the Croatian goalkeeper. In the only match in which he could be seen, against Cardassar, in Cup, he did not even have to intervene.

So this appointment before Numancia was raised as a possibility to see him a little more. And the truth is that the Balkan was one of the most prominent. Several good interventions in the second part of the crash, two shots from the Soria team.

The rojiblanco team needed a seventh pitch to get the trophy of the Jesus Gil Memorial. In the first set of five, they tied at three goals. The two teams scored the sixth shot and on the seventh, the goalkeeper Ivo Grbic he stopped the shot with his feet, while Sergio
Camus he scored his and gave the trophy to the Madrid team.

In total, the Croatian stopped two penalties and left a very good feeling. It is normal that you are looking for more minutes than you can have in the Athletic, in the shadow of Oblak.

The club is looking for a substitute goal to Grbic find those matches you need for your age and development.

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