Grandparents adopted in lockdown who already know their grandchildren

Adopt A Grandpa is an association that has been around for a few years connecting lonely seniors with other people willing to keep them company and give them conversation and affection. During the first months of the pandemic coronavirus and confinement, the oldest were the group that was most affected. Because of the virulence with which the virus affected them and because of the loneliness in which even those with family found themselves. From this association they bet not to lose contact and continue promoting it through your telephone lineto. From there stories of friendship and affection emerged which have now begun to de-virtualize.

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As can be read on the Adopta Un Abuelo website, the idea came to its founder in 2013. “He was born in Ciudad Real in January 2013 when Alberto (25) met Bernardo (86), a widower and without children, who He confesses that his greatest wish is to have a grandson. Alberto replied ‘don’t worry Bernardo, I adopted you as a grandfather’ ”, you can read in his story. Adopt a Grandfather was formalized a year later “with the aim of connect generations and that all the elderly people in the world feel heard, accompanied and loved, while young people learn wisdom and values ​​during visits ”.

Their activity since then has earned them recognition, but above all, it has given rise to relationships that they are gathering through their blog or profiles on social networks. In a recent entry, from the association they reported that they had rrecovered the face-to-face meetings between volunteers and grandfathers after more than a year of absence.

“We are all aware,” they commented, “that the situation caused by COVID-19 since March 2020 caused a situation of general isolation.” To alleviate them in the case of the elderly alone, they opted to replace “face-to-face activities and visits to residences with a telephone support through our call platform”. And it worked.

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Thus, they indicate, “as a result, during this time, there are many rrelationships that have been created ‘telematically’ and, through which, thousands of company minutes have been made for older people at risk of loneliness ”.

Now that the advance of the vaccination plan and the lifting of restrictions allow it, the time to get face in person and the first physical encounters between ‘grandparents and grandchildren’ have begun to occur. Begoña (Ciudad Real) and Félix (Badajoz), Rosalía (Barcelona) and Angie (Barcelona) and Carmen (Madrid) and María (Castilla-La Mancha) are three examples of this.

One of those stories arising from a context as harsh and complicated as that of the pandemic is that of Pablo and his grandfather Enrique. According to Adopta Un Abuelo’s account on his Instagram profile, the two met in December 2020 and “there was feeling from the first call “. Not a week has passed since then without talking and now they already know each other in person.

About that meeting, which the association illustrates with a photo of both protagonists posing smiling on a terrace with the monumental Palma Cathedral in the background, both have said “that it was as if they had known each other for a lifetime” and they are “sure that they will repeat soon”.

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