Grandpa confesses that he raped his own granddaughters for 6 years and is sentenced to 110 years in prison

Carlos Bartolo, rapist grandfather.

Photo: Morelos Prosecutor’s Office / Courtesy

A man identified as Carlos Bartolo “N” was sentenced to 110 years in prison for raping his own granddaughters during 6 years in the municipality of Cuautla in the state of Morelos in Mexico.

The crimes of abuse sexual and violation committed against their granddaughters, were accredited by the Attorney General of the State of Morelos.

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In the year 2014, the aggressions by the convicted person began at the address located in the Ignacio neighborhood. SaragossaAt that time the minors were seven and eight years old, according to research.

The aggressor used to touch his two granddaughters, until over time the abuse grew to the point of raping them on various occasions inside a warehouse located in the colony. Miguel Hidalgo in the municipality of Cuautla.

The Grandpa of the minors threatened to hurt her mother if they said anything, so the sexual assaults continued until the 2020, the authorities reported in a statement.

Finally and tired of the abuse, the granddaughters revealed the twrong truth to his mother, who in turn came to file a complaint with the authorities.

The investigators pointed out that upon presenting positive results in the investigations, a judge issued an arrest warrant against the person responsible, which was later completed by elements of the Investigative Police.

Carlos Bartolo “N” was adjusted to an abbreviated procedure contemplated in the law and he confessed to raping his granddaughters for six years for which he was eventually sentenced to 110 years and eight months, as well as the payment of the amount of more than $ 6,000 dollars (124 thousand 804 pesos) for each of the victims, as payment for reparation of the damage.

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