Grandmother is one week after her death and the family still cannot bury her


In Ecatepec, a woman who died on June 22 could not be buried or cremated due to errors in her birth certificate. Now his González Vázquez family is facing wrongful death charges.

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Doña Rufina’s relatives said they will file a complaint, as they assure that the funeral home they hired has given them a terrible service.

Jazmín Miranda, Mrs. Refugio’s granddaughter, says that those from the Funeza funeral home told her that they don’t have her grandmother’s body there.

Doña Rufina’s family lawyer, Francisco Corsantez, mentioned that there have been many irregularities in the service that the funeral home should have provided.

“If the birth certificate presented errors, the funeral home would have informed the family so that they could do the corresponding to correct the problem and, on the contrary, transferred the body even twice.

“When Mrs. Rufina was born in 1933, February 29 is not a leap year, but the funeral home never contacted or notified the relatives so that they could do what was necessary immediately and rectify that and they could give her a holy burial”, added.

The legal representative of the Funeza funeral home, Edgar Amadeo Veliz mentioned that they cannot bury her or cremate her, as requested by the family members, because the judge has not issued the certificate to them since there is no date on which it is recorded in their minutes. Dona Rufina was born.

He also commented that they have indicated to the family that they can go for the body, which they keep refrigerated in one of their branches, in addition to initiating a criminal complaint.

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Now the family must seek the correction of the birth certificate that was issued in the state of Guerrero, to be able to request that the body be returned to them and finally the funeral of Doña Rufina can be carried out.

The family does not rule out filing a complaint with Human Rights or initiating a complaint for the poor service provided by the funeral home.

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