Grandmaster Garri Kasparov’s opinion on the Netflix fashion series

If you like series, surely you have also heard of ‘Gambit de Dama’, Netflix’s global mini-series of the moment which revolves around the life of Elizabeth Harmon, a young orphan who dreams of being the best chess player in the 50s and 60s in America. The production is based on the book ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, which Walter Tevis published in 1983, and its success is being resounding.

In fact, even the great chess master Garri Kasparov has spoken out and given his opinion on the entire ‘boom’ that is being generated around a game that in recent years seemed to be losing fans and players. “Chess is growing now in the United States and around the world, but I think this series will do a great job promoting it even more and I hope now for a boom, because it helps to refute the image of chess as something that could turn you into a ‘geek’, or that can drive you crazy, “Kasparov told CNN.

And it is that the great master Kasparov was one of the advisers of the Netflix series that has once again revolutionized the world of chess. He considered it positive to be part of it and now celebrates the success of ‘Queen’s Gambit’, a mini-series that is sweeping the world and that has put chess back in the spotlight.

«The chess community fell in love with the series because it successfully portrays different aspects of chess in all its richness: it is quite easy to play, but also complex enough to pose a challenge “, says one of the spokesmen of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) in this regard in statements to CNN.