End the annoying dandruff once and for all

March 28, 2020

Dandruff is one of the worst enemies for our hair, since it deteriorates the scalp, and as if that were not enough it makes us feel insecure and also gives us a neglected and unsanitary appearance.

Dandruff is produced by a dry and dehydrated scalp or by the accumulation of product residues in the hair. For this reason today we bring you some of the best treatments that you can find in nature.

How to naturally remove dandruff with baking soda

In this opportunity we will show you a method with bicarbonate that is very effective, also it will not only help you to remove dandruff it will also help you straighten your hair. You will apply this treatment to the hair as follows:

Application mode

To start you must add two tablespoons of baking soda with a little cold water, then you must mix to form a paste, then apply this mixture directly to the scalp. It is recommended to massage while applying this treatment.

To finish we remove the bicarbonate with plenty of cold water and the conventional shampoo. If you want to see the results faster, perform this treatment 3 times a week.