Granddaughters of Charles Chaplin claim in documentary the gypsy origin of their grandfather – El Sol de México

BARCELONA. Sisters Carmen and Dolores Chaplin will vindicate the gypsy origins of their grandfather, Charles Chaplin, in the documentary Charlie Chaplin. A Man of the World, of which they presented a brief preview at the BCN Film Fest.

Carmen Chaplin, who will be the director of the documentary, said that her grandfather “is one of the great geniuses of cinema, who was already around since the beginning of cinema, who has invented many things, such as special effects, and that he had a great contribution for his way of telling stories. “

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His sister Dolores indicated that, “Charles Chaplin has inspired numerous artists and his films are a cinema that does not age, that is still very modern, the public continues to laugh and continues to cry with his films because it is a timeless cinema.”

A clear example of this timelessness is that “the final speech of The Great Dictator is one of the most demanded scenes to be used in other documentary films.”

According to Carmen Chaplin, “at the present time, in which separatism and nationalism dominate the world, Charlie Chaplin’s films are unifying, since they had no language and played with emotions and humor, which is something universal “.

They both acknowledge that the project for this documentary was born “from the grandfather’s passion to seek his gypsy roots and found its echo in our father, Michael, who left home at 16 but who has preserved all his life the passion that felt for Charles Chaplin and his career “.

Dolores recalled: “Grandfather was born in Victorian times, while my father was raised in the culture of the 60s, but despite differences in education, they shared that search for their origins and that has been contagious.”

And he added: “Based on Michael’s testimony, which is the common thread, the documentary investigates these gypsy roots and offers a reinterpretation of Chaplin’s work by different artists.”

Charlie Chaplin. A man of the world is the first film about the legendary actor and filmmaker in which his family is directly involved in the production and which will include unpublished images from the family archive.

Michael Chaplin, his son and protagonist of the documentary, explores his father’s Roma roots through a lengthy interview, although there will also be interviews with other brothers and sisters.