In a month it will be a year since the first time we spoke to you about Grand Guilds, an SRPG that combines tactical strategy with card management, and how it had obtained the necessary financing to reach Nintendo Switch and PC. Well, time has passed and Drix Studios, in collaboration with Keybol Games, have released the trailer that announces the date your title will be released, this is the March 26th. You can see this trailer right below:

Eliza’s Adventures

Grand Guilds immerses us in the skin of Eliza, who, along with her crew, must prevent the Irin lands from submerging again in a war that devastates all the territories. To fulfill its mission we will have at our disposal a tactical combat system where we must move around a board in search of the best position and attack our enemies with the power of cards that we have in our deck that we have previously built. Of course, it will be vital to choose well which companions will accompany us in each mission, since each of them fulfills a certain task in the fight and have different mechanics and abilities.

You can book Grand Guilds in the eShop with a 10% discount, so you will go from paying € 17.99 to paying only € 16.19 if you want to get the title. Also, know that you will need 3.6 GB of free memory in the internal storage of your console, and that the title only comes to us with texts and voices in english. What do you think about the Drix Studios adventure? As always, do not forget to leave us your impressions in the comments and on social networks. See you!

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