Graffiti on Sundays, a collective of urban artists in Tampico

Erik Eduardo Saldana

Tampico / 02.20.2021 23:35:19

A group of urban artists in Tampico are part of the collective Graffiti on Sundays; the young people paint murals and fences with grafiti, an artistic activity that they carry out during the weekends.

Wore, is a graffiti artist with 19 years of experience in the world of urban art, in an interview for Millennium Tamaulipas, tells us about his experience during his almost two decades as a painter.

« Since high school I had the vibe of drawing, my taste in drawing was since I was a child, but in high school I met people who did graffiti and that was when I started in this world »

The artist from Tamaulipas mentions that in recent years he has sought a way to take his graffiti to another level; Living off art is difficult in small cities like Tampico.

« I say that you can make a living from graffiti, I know graffiti artists who have excelled enough that they dedicate themselves to this activity only, their dedication is so great that they have managed to paint for several recognized brands, I don’t live from graffiti yet, I would like to, but it is difficult in a city as small as Tampico, but not impossible« he detailed.

Wore commented that it is currently an activity that has given him the opportunity to get ahead with an extra income during the pandemic.

« In addition to my work, in my free time, I do painting work for some clients, murals or drawings and this leaves me an extra income, which helps me for this economic crisis « .

Graffiti on Sundays

GLD, « fucking crazy name » -with laughter-, Wore He explained to us the meaning of the name of the graffiti collective.

« To begin with, it was every fifteen days, on Sundays a group of friends would get together, after several Sundays, we got on well and talking with one of the members, we decided to form this group. »

Most of the members of GLD Crew They are students, the others are workers and employees who seek every weekend, to be able to express the art of graffiti in the murals and fences of the metropolitan area.

« We seek to express what we think, for many it is like a therapy and a vent to paint and create murals with the aerosol, I who work all week, painting a weekend is relaxing, not everything is working and giving yourself a few minutes of freedom , doing this, you feel good.  » mentioned.

Currently there are 7 artists that make up this group, which now during the pandemic by covid-19 They reduced their meetings, but their goal is to continue painting and coloring the city with urban art.