Graciela Alfano and Yanina Latorre crossed paths over Lola’s resignation from Singing 2020: “They take their toll because they hate you”

The young woman will no longer return to Cantando 2020 after strong statements by Nacha Guevara The young woman will no longer return to Cantando 2020 after strong statements by Nacha Guevara

Lola latorre He returned to the track of Cantando 2020 at the gala this Wednesday, after serving the penalty imposed by LaFlia for his alleged participation in a clandestine party. After performing the performance with your partner Lucas spadafora, the young woman lived an uncomfortable moment during the return of Nacha Guevara.

“You don’t tell Lola anything?” Angel de Brito to the jury, who only spoke to Lucas. “No, nothing. There is a moment when I stop wasting my time and energy in cases that I consider lost ”, expressed the artist. “Lost from the musical?”, Asked the conductor of the contest, and got no answer. “Nothing to say,” said the participant when she was given the right to reply.

On Twitter, Yanina Latorre referred to the behavior of the jury and assured that she had made a drastic decision: “I just decided that my daughter is not going back to Singing. Neither Nacha nor anyone calls her a lost case. What a fucking mine. 80 years old ”. And she revealed an infidelity, which allows us to discover the details of her determination: “Lola called me crying, desperate. Does anyone make everything so perfect as to execute a 19-year-old girl like that? “

Alfano was very hard on Yanina Latorre (Video: Los Angeles de la Mañana, El Trece)

The participant announced yesterday that she would no longer endure the abuse, referring to Guevara’s statements. “There is a limit and I will not let them continue to insult and despise me. The moment I stop enjoying, that’s it “, he assured in an interview with Los Angeles de la Mañana. “My mom told me to go away. That he will not let anyone mistreat me. It was strong that he said that I am a hopeless case, “he added.

This Thursday, in the Ángel de Brito cycle, Yanina Latorre once again confirmed that her daughter does not return to the program. “Lola had dignity, she didn’t cry. She did not go to the clandestine party, she sent a shit, but is that why they are going to kill her? ”, Explained the panelist. “Lola is educated, she must be distressed, yes, she is a spoiled child … But who is Nacha Guevara to say that she is a hopeless case? She is a basket case. Lola wants to go, she is worthy “, he stated.

Graciela Alfano, Another of the panelists of the program, got into the debate of what happened in Cantando 2020. In her point of view, her partner has a great responsibility for the suffering her daughter is having. And he gave her a striking advice to prevent the young woman from being harassed.

“I’m not going to mess with you, or with your old woman, but let’s assume you’re worse than the plague … It’s Newton’s action: to every action comes a reaction. By transitive nature, the friend of your enemy is your enemy, that is, you get involved with everyone, you are the prosecutor of the Nation, you seem Lilita Carrió. Do you want to save your daughter? Hide yourself, sacrifice yourself, let Diego Latorre go to the side of the girl that everyone loves him, they hate you ”, the actress advised her colleague.

Quietly and without getting angry, the wife of Diego Latorre He replied: “It’s great for me. I don’t defend anyone. That’s why I’m here and it’s great for me. It’s all a lie. I believe that I am good, an excellent mother and full of love. It’s great for me ”.

Then in an ironic tone, Alfano asked the driver: “Angel, do you think they are not billing the lady who does the boluda?” And then he said to his panelmate: “You spend your time defenestrating everyone. You do not bank on what they do to your daughter and you hide from the place you have as a mother. Take charge of the things you do. If you spoke badly of everyone’s daughters … Do you think you’re really good? They hate Lola because they hate you ”.

Finally, De Brito revealed that he had spoken with Lola about her future at Cantando 2020: “She told me that she is fed up, all the galas are the same. She believes that she will not continue and her parents will not let her continue either. He already said goodbye to his team, called them crying. His teammates bank the decision. She said she couldn’t take it anymore.


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