GP Hungary – Rain of clubs (and sanctions) to Bottas and Stroll after the accidents

The Hungarian Grand Prix has once again provided us with a crazy race full of surprises. The first of these occurred in the first corner, when Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll each caused multiple accidents.

Neither driver will be proud of their performance in Hungaroring, as both Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll have been sanctioned and will have to take a five-position grid penalty at the next Belgian Grand Prix.

This happens as a result of multiple accidents caused by both at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix, in which the Mercedes beat Lando Norris – who in turn hit Max Verstappen – and Sergio Pérez. For its part, the Aston Martin hit Charles Leclerc, who later rammed Daniel Ricciardo.

“You wait a little longer when you are competing with the best at the front of the grid”

The start of both drivers was regular and bad, which perhaps encouraged them to try to make up for the meters lost in the braking of Turn 1 on a wet asphalt that left no room for brave maneuvers.

As Bottas blocked his front tires and launched Norris against Verstappen, Stroll tried to avoid Fernando Alonso and got into the grass, then hitting Leclerc.

The end result was the abandonment of both protagonists, in addition to Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc. In turn, Max Verstappen finished the race tenth with the right side of his car wrecked and Ricciardo did it outside the points.

Fierce criticism

Max verstappen He was one of those who most felt the mistake of his colleagues on the grid, as he lost the leadership of the World Championship in favor of Lewis Hamilton, who already hit him at Silverstone and knocked him out of the race.

«Once again, taken out by a Mercedes, it is not what you want»Max Verstappen declared resigned. “I was missing the entire (right) side of my car, the entire bargeboard area and the floor was also damaged. It was almost impossible to drive, honestly. Still, I did my best and scored a point. At least it’s something.

Lando norris he was even harsher on Bottas, demanding more professionalism from Bottas. “Of course it is not easy, but we are all in Formula 1 for a reason, because we are good drivers and we know where to brake, etc, especially when it is wet, especially in the first lap of the race. Obviously, some completely misjudged him. That’s the annoying thing, you wait a little longer when you are competing with the best at the front of the grill. ‘

But they don’t compete that often either, they tend to go quite alone and not in the peloton getting into dirty air like us »he said pointing to the Mercedes. So maybe they lack that experience and they have to learn a little more from it. I’m just upset, I guess. It was lap 1, I don’t know why that has to happen, why risk doing that kind of stupid thing. But I can not do anything. There’s not much to do””.

Valtteri Bottas he has not wanted to shirk his responsibility, admitting his mistake with chivalry. Obviously it was my mistake. I was the one coming from behind and it’s up to me to brake early enough, but I misjudged. It shows that it is not so easy to predict in those conditions, but it should have braked earlier. I think I lost some temperature on the training lap. I need to check it out, but obviously that caused this mess, to get off to that bad start.

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“Obviously it is not ideal, but at least in the next race it is possible to overtake, so it will not be as if the weekend is over. It is going to make it more difficult. They know I’m not trying to blame anyone else. That’s what I do, accept the mistake », he concluded, aware of his five-position penalty for Spa-Francorchamps.

Finally, Charles Leclerc addressed Lance Stroll in very harsh terms despite having starred in similar situations in the past. “I have also failed in the past, but this time it was somewhat unrealistic because Lance Stroll tried to take five positions in a corner. A good game of bowling before the holidays, shit.

«I do not know how it is possible, I am very frustrated because I knew I could do it well and I was very cautious when starting out. Penalties? I’m not the right person to judge, but I think everyone saw what happened, “concluded the Monegasque from Ferrari.

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