Governors João Doria (SP), Helder Barbalho (PA), Renato Casagrande (ES) and Flávio Dino (MA) will discuss the challenges of States in the crisis of the new coronavirus in panel of Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT this Thursday, 7. The annual event promoted by Brazilian students based in Boston, in the United States, happens by videoconference and has free transmission on the platforms of the state.

Governors João Doria (SP), Helder Barbalho (PA), Renato Casagrande (ES) and Flavio Dino (MA)

Photo: Government of Sp / Disclosure; Marcos Corrêa / PR; Aloisio Maurício / Fotoarena; Werther Santana / Estadão / Estadão

The panel with the four heads of state executives will be moderated by Andreza Matais, executive editor of Estadão in Brasília, starting at 19h. The transmission takes place on the Estadão portal, on social networks Twitter (@estadao) and Facebook and on the State YouTube channel.

On Wednesday, the organization reported the postponement of the panel in which the journalist Pedro Bial would interview the Harvard philosopher and professor Michael Sandel to talk about ‘ethics in times of a pandemic’. The conversation was rescheduled for Friday, 8, at 3 pm.

Check the confirmed schedule:

The challenges of States in Crisis, 7/5, 19h

João Doria (SP), Helder Barbalho (PA), Renato Casagrande (ES), Flávio Dino (MA) and moderated by Andreza Matais

Ethics in times of pandemic, 8/5, 15h (in English, version with Portuguese subtitles to be made available in the following days)

Michael Sandel (Harvard Philosopher and Professor) interviewed by Pedro Bial

Study of economic inequality and impact of Covid-19, 8/5, 17h (recording)

Michael Kremer (2019 Nobel Prize in Economics)

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