Colombia opened fiscal responsibility processes against the governors of Tolima and Guainía and the mayor of Cartagena de Indias for millionaire contracts

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Colombia.- The Comptroller of Colombia opened fiscal responsibility processes against the governors of the Tolima and Guainía and the mayor of Cartagena of the Indies for millionaire cost overruns in contracts signed to serve the vulnerable population affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The comptroller general, Carlos Felipe Córdoba, said at a press conference that the entity opened three processes against the governor of the Tolima, José Ricardo Orozco, for a total of 2,121 million pesos (about $ 565,000).

The actions against Orozco are for « alleged cost overruns in two contracts of supplies of food and cleaning kits and for the payment of higher values ​​and unnecessary intermediation in a contract related to the disclosure strategy of the subject COVID-19Córdoba assured.

The official explained that one of the contracts Those investigated were signed by the Government with the company Sierra Pineda S.A.S., in which the market and cleaning kits were to mitigate the effects of the mandatory isolation of the pandemic on the most vulnerable population in the department.

The costs of these kits were just over 4,000 million pesos (about one million dollars) but 5,154 million pesos (about 1.3 million dollars) were paid, which represented an alleged cost overrun of 1,151 million pesos ( about $ 307,000).

The other investigation against Orozco has to do with the signing of another contract of 5,000 million pesos (about 1.3 million dollars) and in which there would be a detriment of 827 million pesos (about 220,000 dollars).

In the third contract, the detriment would be for 143 million pesos (about $ 38,000) as a result of « damage to the department’s assets derived from the payment of higher values ​​through unnecessary intermediation » in a communication strategy called « COVID Communication-Emergency Plan 19-2020 « .


Comptroller Córdoba also reported that the entity opened a process of fiscal responsibility against the mayor of Cartagena de Indias, William Dau, for alleged « damage to public property » for an amount of 193 million pesos (about $ 51,000)

The cost overruns would have been « paid » in a contract whose purpose was « the supply of health and protection supplies as a preventive measure, reduction of risk factors and threats to the COVID-19 in the District of Cartagena« 

Likewise, the Comptroller’s Office initiated an action of fiscal responsibility against the Governor of the Guainía, Juan Carlos Iral Gómez, as a consequence of the damage to the treasury « derived from the alleged cost overrun » in a contract signed with an individual to buy food for the population affected by the coronavirus, with a price premium of 112 million pesos (about $ 29,868).


On the other hand, the Colombian prosecutor, Francisco Barbosa, who will accuse and accuse the suspended governor of Chocó, Ariel Palacios Calderón, for his alleged responsibility for serious irregularities in contracts that they finally had the attention of the pandemic in that department.

The charges against Palaces are for celebration of contracts without compliance with legal requirements, attempted embezzlement by appropriation and money laundering.

These actions are developed within a joint strategy of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Comptroller’s Office and the Office of the Attorney General to defend public resources for the care of those affected by the emergency caused by the coronavirus. .