Puebla, Pue.- Luis Miguel Barbosa Huertagovernor of Puebla (Morena), decreed the prohibition of the return of activities of the construction and automotive industry, because the pandemic by Covid-19 showed that “we are fragile, we easily break down and sooner or later we will completely break down.”

According to the decree, the decision of Barbosa is derived because there are no conditions to resume activities due to growth in cases of Covid-19 and because “there is longing to see loved ones and we are afraid that something bad will happen to us or happen to us.” With this, the return of more than 37 thousand workers in the industry, both from the Volkswagen plants, Audi and supplier companies, was halted for June 1. In the Official State Newspaper, the Governor explained “philosophically” the consequences of the pandemic and the justification to prevent the return of said industry, including that the “process of the implacable nature and we cannot expect some pity from the disease” .

In two sheets Barbosa he justified his decision to go against the federal government’s decision to lift the quarantine of these two industries, at least in Puebla. “It changed the life of humans, there is longing to see loved ones and we are afraid that something bad will happen to us or happen to us; we have learned that as humans, we are an ingenious, intelligent, but fragile mechanism, we easily break down and sooner or later we will be totally spoiled, “he said. He said that being in solidarity with others is the best of us, so you have to try to take care of others while waiting for them to take care of us “Today we realize that there is a relentless process of nature and we cannot expect any mercy of the disease if not of our fellow men “, he added.

He remembered that in ItalyWhen the restrictions had to be taken urgently, it was not done in order to preserve civil liberties as well as economic ones, but the result was catastrophic. “Later they had to close the entire country at the cost of thousands and thousands of loss of life, the more reluctant we are to make difficult decisions, the virus will continue to spread and kill more people from Puebla,” he said. He stated that those who believe that politics is only power are not possessors of power; they are their slaves. “I am not a slave to power, I am a public servant who has a deep love for the homeland and I wanted political humanism to be at the center of my government, that is, human dignity, whose main value is not to see man as an object, for our purposes, but as a beneficiary subject of our decisions, “he stressed.

The Puebla leader said that there are 335 deaths in the state due to Covid-19. “The worst is yet to come, the wave of contagion and the health risk is everywhere,” he said. He indicated that the case fatality rate in the State of Puebla is 19%, but the one who dies meant 100% in the life of other beings. “We cannot be immune to human pain, to do so would be to renounce the ideals and convictions for which we march and protest many times, against the neoliberal governments that saw the poor as figures or data,” he declared.

He said he was not someone who believes in magic or hasty solutions, but someone who has been trained and who knows politics. “We must act and not shy away from our task or cowardly throw it on the shoulders of others, we are not against any person, company or authority, we are against wrongdoing,” he said. “I don’t want to say tomorrow to the families of the people of Puebla, to the thousands of families of Puebla who were weak, because then I would betray the mandate they gave me and the trust they placed in this government,” he said.


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