Governor Cuomo Declares “Official End of Health Emergency” by COVI-19 in New York

“The coronavirus emergency in New York is over!”. This was declared this Wednesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo, indicating that the State will not renew the executive order of ’emergency’ that was issued to combat the pandemic and that expires this Thursday.

And by making it clear that this does not mean that COVID-19 is absolutely over and that there are even some new variants such as the ‘Delta’ that still pose a danger, Cuomo assured that New Yorkers have overcome the crisis and now it’s time to focus on getting back to normal, after the “lessons learned with the coronavirus for more than a year”.

“The emergency is over. And it is not that we believe that COVID has already left, and we have to continue vaccinating people, especially young people, but the emergency is over and now we have to focus on the new chapter, that of the post-coronavirus era, “he said. the governor.

Cuomo emphasized that this Thursday the executive order that instituted the ‘State of Emergency’ expires, and that it was declared in conjunction with the State Health Commissioner, and assured that his Administration did not renew it, and on the contrary, “this day as the official expiration date of the emergency that we have been in and that we overcome thanks to the work of all the New Yorkers”.

And for the first time since he began holding daily press conferences to report on the coronavirus crisis in March last year, this Wednesday the state president did not present any number related to COVID-19. “We already know where we are today (with respect to the virus), and we don’t need to keep showing daily numbers. We have already overcome that day-to-day monitoring of the coronavirus, because we have reached a new level flattened with the statistics that allow us to be confident, and that is the product of our effort ”.

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