Near 250 personalities and representatives from politics, civil society, companies, financial entities and institutions of all kinds have signed a manifesto in which they ask the Commission for Economic and Social Reconstruction created in the Congress of Deputies that the Covid-19 exit from the crisis be “green” and based on sustainability criteria.

The signatories include members of the social, economic, cultural, associative, religious, and professional sectors, from executives of companies listed in the Ibex scientists of UN Panel of Experts against climate change.

The signatories thus adopt the criteria of the Alliance for a green recovery launched a few weeks ago at the European level and is open to new accessions. In any case, it has already been referred to the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction of the Congress of Deputies.

The signatories ask the institutions that the stimulus policies to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 be effective from the economic and social point of view, but that they be aligned with sustainability policies and with the European Green Pact.

Now, in Spain and with the same principles, the signatories of the declaration ask for a sustainable, robust economy, with transversal alliances between political parties, companies, unions, the media, NGOs and civil society.

Thus, they demand that the stimulus package is based on sustainability and is supported by scientific knowledge and best practices that allow progress towards a more prosperous, sustainable, healthy, fair and resilient society.

Among the signatories are the PP’s former Environment Ministers, Elvira Rodríguez and Isabel García Tejerina, the former President of Congress, Ana Pastor; the European Commissioner and former Minister Miguel Arias Cañete. They have also signed the president of the FEMP, Abel Caballero; the mayors of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón and of Seville, Juan Espadas; the Minister for the Ecological Transition of the Canary Islands, José Antonio Valvuena and of Extremadura, Olga García; the representatives of CCOO, Unai Sordo, and UGT, Pepe Álvarez.

Regarding science, the petition is signed by Fernando Valladares (CSIC), Julio Díaz (Instituto Salud Carlos III), Daniel Innerarity, Miguel Delibes de Castro, María José Sanz (BC3) or Íñigo Losada (University of Cantabria) and many experts from United Nations for climate change (IPCC).

The manifesto highlights that Spain has some “Ideal conditions” to take advantage of the opportunities of this recovery strategy to generate economy and jobs, among which he gives an example of his «huge potential for renewable energy development, a unique natural capital, a well-positioned industry and a determined commitment to energy efficiency.