In Estonia they practically take it for granted that the rally will be at the WRC 2020

The new calendar update is expected tomorrow

In Estonia they practically take it for granted that tomorrow it will be announced that this year’s Rally of Estonia will score for the 2020 World Rally Championship and they are preparing for it.

For the moment, Jüri Ratas, the country’s prime minister, has promised to increase the test grant by one million euros. He did so in today’s council of ministers, following a proposal by the culture minister.

This means going from a million euros to two million, that is, doubling the aid to the test, or even reaching two and a half million. But it is something that is seen as positive because it is a window of this small country before the world.

“Currently we were giving a million, but we are aware that if it is a WRC event it will cost more. We are willing to give more and we look forward to the decisions of the championship promoters in the coming days,” said Ratas.

Some sources, however, point out that the contribution could be even higher, up to 2.5 million euros, based on statements by Rats himself some 48 hours ago: “The rally last year cost one million –980,000 euros to be Exactly – and it’s clear that if he jumps to the WRC it will cost a lot more. ”

In the country, however, they are already wondering how much the organization of the test will cost and if this high amount is enough. They are based on statements by the head of the organization of the test, Silver Kütt, who almost two years ago said that “the current budget for the test is one million, but jumping to the World Cup would force it to be multiplied by five.” If this is true, the state contribution would cover more or less half of the budget.

Kütt said then that the State’s contribution was important but that the municipalities where the race was running also provided important support.

The organization, at least in the sporting aspect, is in charge of Urmo Aava, an ex-pilot with experience in the World Cup as he ran the Junior World Cup for several years with Suzuki and also ran with a WRC; all this between 2002 and 2009.

Aava said the possibility that Estonia will be the scene of a World Cup test this year “is very high, but until it is signed it cannot be stated with certainty.” He added that they are not the only ones that negotiate and that they have been battling years with many other countries to have a test. And he also said that he hoped that the agreement would not be for a year but for a longer duration.

In any case the shuffled figures – even admitting that the five million may be exaggerated and can be done in half – highlight the tremendous cost of organizing a World Rallies event. But the only source of income in most of them comes from sponsorship; only a few events can count on ticket sales, so most of them depend mainly on official, state or local aid, because the sponsorship is clearly insufficient.

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