Was Alphabet Inc., matrix of Google, another company more than those that appeared before United States legislators who, one day after that, presented their financial results, apparently, in this case not as positive as Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

The above because, while the other three companies that make up the so-called GAFA reported solid earnings, even exceeding expectations, in the case of the Mountain View giant, in which, although it also exceeded estimates, the fact that it is the first time in its history since it has been listed on Wall Street that it reports lower income.

The numbers he submitted

When reviewing their financial report for the second quarter of the year, the owners of Google indicated that their income amounted to $ 38.3 billion, which contributed to obtaining net income from 6.960 billion, or $ 10.13 per share.

Although this seems very positive, as they even exceeded the expectations of analysts who were in $ 8.43 per share In terms of profits, some specialized media report that investors cannot be fully satisfied.

This is because, when looking at the numbers provided by Alphabet, we found that the first year-over-year drop in revenue in the company’s history; this was from 2 percent less than the same period but from last year.

It is also highlighted that advertising revenue amounted to 29 thousand 867 million dollars, lower than those reported between April and June 2019, when they were 32 thousand 494 million.

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The positive side of the results

For Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar PichaiThe results are undoubtedly not very dazzling, but for that reason they are not favorable for the company, and even maintained that it sees signs of better performance for the following months.

“We are working to help people, companies and communities in these uncertain times. (…) As people increasingly turn to online services, our platforms, from Cloud to Google Play to YouTube: we are helping our partners to provide important services and support their businesses, ”he said in his financial report.

And, apparently it has a solid argument. A . report points out that Google is overcoming the crisis, since the pandemic has made the internet more attractive to advertisers than television, radio and other channels.

In this sense, it is added the fact that its tools, many of them free have become an important part of the lives of many consumers during these months and, that seems to be something that will not change.

That said, it highlights numbers like Google’s revenue represented $ 21.139 billion, while YouTube’s totaled 3,812 million, in this particular case, it did register growth compared to the previous year.